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Nullarbor N30

The N30 is the third instrument in the Nullarbor range by Glanville & Co. Glanville & Co. is a local workshop located right in the heart of Sydney. They were founded on the belief that all Australians should have access to music education and quality instruments that will nurture their development. It is through the fusion of technology & tradition that Glanville & Co. have been able to produce high-quality, customisable, innovative & affordable instruments that are entirely Australian made. This instrument comes with a certificate of authenticity & professional photos.


The N30 has a two-piece, well-flamed maple back & the top is made from spruce. This instrument is based on a Stradivari violin model. This violin has a good cover of golden-brown varnish and has been antiqued with a high-level of detail. The golden colour & shading has been inspired by the earthy tones of the Nullarbor plains. The N30 has ebony fittings & a Teller bridge.

Due to the superior timber, the N30 boasts a beautiful balance of warmth & richness while retaining an outstanding level of projection. The overall sweetness of this instrument is enhanced by the complexity that is naturally brought out in each & every note that sounds. This instrument would be suitable for the high-level intermediate to advanced player or the serious amateur. This violin is strung with Larsen Il Cannone strings to bring out a level of clarity, brightness & focus to the overall warmth of this instrument.


If you would like to try this beautiful Australian-Made instrument, please visit our stockists page to find a dealer near you.


Do you have specific requirements for your violin? Would you like to combine features of the Barossa with the Nullarbor? Contact us for more information about the possibility of a custom designed instrument or a tour of our workshop if you would like to see how our instruments are made.


What makes the N30 different from the N30? 


  • Superior quality of timber (seen in the higher flame on the back, sides, neck & scroll)

  • A brighter sound with increased projection due to the higher grade of timber, varnishing & workmanship

  • Top quality ebony fittings for enhanced acoustics

  • More advanced strings

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