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About Us

The Glanville & Co. story begins in 1991 in our parent's garage when they founded a small violin store called The Sydney String Centre. 

The Sydney String Centre Garage

Glanville Garage Circa 1991

The Sydney String Centre Shop Circa 1997

Artarmon Store Circa 1997

Mum’s experience as a player and teacher and Dad’s as a luthier meant that these qualities were always backed up in a practical and genuine way. It was a very different business back then but some things have stayed the same:

Trust - Passion - Enthusiasm - Expertise

These are the qualities of our amazing parents which have driven our business from its infancy to what it is today.


Growing up in our family we had certain values instilled in us which we have carried with us into our company. We believe that all Australians should have access to music education because learning music is good and the benefits of learning music go far beyond the ability to simply play an instrument. We believe that to learn music, musicians and students need access to quality instruments that foster their growth. It should not be elitist. It should be accessible and enjoyed by all. This is the foundation on which our business has been built.


Further, it our dream that all Australian musicians have the opportunity to learn and play on Australian made instruments and be proud to play an Australian made instrument.

That dream is now a reality.

- Douglas, Libby & Max Glanville

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