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Careers at Glanville and Co.

Glanville & Co is an in-house, state-of-the-art, local manufacturing business specialising in the making of orchestral string instruments, right in the heart of Sydney. Combining tradition with technology, we are excited to be utilising modern 3D modelling software, scanning and CNC machinery with traditional violin making techniques to create a beautiful range of high quality string instruments.

Our team:

Our team is comprised of a mix of professionals from all different industries which allows us to take a holistic and innovative approach to a 500 year old industry. With over 50 years experience in the industry from our Head Luthier to multiple Young Australian designer of the year award winner, we marry tradition with the latest technology to strive to be the leaders in the modern age of violin making

Our Culture:

Glanville and Co strives to be a ‘Lean’ organisation with an overall goal of waste reduction in our value stream. We encourage all of our employees to engage in continuous improvement throughout all processes in the production line as a means of reducing waste. Glanville & Co is a collaborative environment which requires commitment to learning, observing and contributing across all departments throughout the business. We expect our employees to maintain a positive attitude and have a willingness to learn.


Violin Maker / Workshop Assistant / Production Operator:

In this role you will be joining a team of 8+ makers and designers to assist with making and setting up a violin using a mix of both modern and traditional methods. 

You will be involved in all aspects of violin making including: 

  • Performing basic set up tasks and instrument maintenance

  • Shaping and cutting a nut

  • Shaping, cutting, adjusting and fitting a bridge

  • Cutting, fitting and adjusting a sound post

  • Playing and evaluating finished instruments

  • Selecting timber for type, grain and quality.

  • Planning production routes.

  • Making instrument parts using hand tools such as saws, blades, files, chisels, scrapers etc.

  • Operating machines such as bandsaws, table routers, belt and disc sanders etc.

  • Operating a CNC machine

  • Operating a 3D printer

  • Creating 3D models in CAD

  • Using jigs and templates to bend, form, cut and glue parts.

  • Using finishing tools and techniques to finish parts to required standards

  • Varnishing parts using a brush and spray gun

  • Performing basic workshop tasks and maintenance

 This field of work requires good hand motor skills. At times the tasks being performed can be physically demanding due to the high detail of the product. On the job training will be provided to perform all tasks safely and to the required standards. 

Prior relatable experience in production, woodworking, violinmaking or other creative fields is preferable. Being able to play the violin or other orchestral stringed instrument is a bonus. To succeed at Glanville and Co a love of music, being creative and being part of a team is a necessity. 


  • Full time (Monday - Friday)

  • Part time (Monday – Friday, minimum 3 days per week)

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