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About the workshop:

he Tellers

  • Our family originally comes from the former heart of the German instrument making industry: Schönbach in the Egerland, where instruments have been made since the 16th century.
  • Since the 18th century, we have been involved in all facets of instrument making: as string makers, violin makers, zither makers, guitar makers, etc.
  • And as documents prove, we are a family of bridge makers in their now sixth generation.

It might sound a little too romantic, but we have always highly valued family.
We have worked together and passed on our knowledge.

The workshop

  • Even today, our workshop is located in one of the centers of German instrument making: Bubenreuth.
  • This is where we manufacture most of our instrument parts and every single one of our bridges. Everything is completely “Made in Bubenreuth”.
  • While working closely together with our most experienced employees, we also personally lay hands on our product – starting from the beginning where it is still part of the rooted tree, to the moment when it is being delivered to you.

Violin Bridge - Teller Student * -Various Sizes

  • Bridges made by Joseph Teller in Bubenreuth, Germany.

    Various style available: Prices vary

    • G and C models come with carve under curve


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